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9E/10E engine cases..

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9E/10E engine cases..

Post  john87 on Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:03 pm

ok, here is a good one..

Obviously, a 9E flywheel cover is different to a 10E one, BUT, is it just appearance?? reason for asking is my bike has a 9E in it and i want to install the original 9E cases. Problem is, all the 10E cases i have seen have a little square cut out in the bit that goes around the kickstart to clear the gear lever fixing bolt. My 9E case, does NOT have this cut out bit. Is this because no 9E case does, or is it because my engine was never in a bike, it started out life as a gokart engine installed in a kart made by someone called "aero controls", makers of aeroplane bits, with an 076D engine number instead of one from a bike.. Anyway, my engine would never have been fitted with a bike type gearlever..


Anyone familiar with 9E cases??



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Post  piston 197 on Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:32 am

A 9E 3 speed case is interchangeable with a 10E 3 speed case, it will just look as if the engine is a bit cockeyed as the lines through the centre run parallel with the ground when the engine is fitted sloping in all frames except FB 81 and James K7
The 10 E case has the centre line at an angle so it appears to be parrellel to the ground when the engine is fitted in the upright position Fb and James used

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