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Oil from exhaust

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Oil from exhaust

Post  Martinrhyl on Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:23 pm

Hi i took my bike around the block a francis barnett 175cc amc light cruiser 1958 run good where the exhaust meets the engine it has a few runs of black oil on engine where it has been dripping this a bad sign?

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Light Cruiser exhaust

Post  FB vincent on Fri Aug 18, 2017 6:32 am

This is what the Instruction Manual for the 20T engine AMC engine Falcon states on this subject (the exhaust connection is the same on the 17T and 20T engines):

'The exhaust pipe is attached to the cylinder by means of a single fixing bolt. At this
end the tube is interposed between the cylinder itself and a short liner. When the pipe
is detached it is important that it is withdrawn without distorting either the liner or
the tube and the same care must be taken when re-fitting. There may be a suggestion
of a leak at this point when the machine is new or when the exhaust system is re-fitted
for any reason. but this will cease at a very short mileage as soon as carbon forms at
this point'.

The exhaust from a two stroke engine will contain unburnt oil, so a leak at the connection will result in an oil residue as you describe. Modern two stroke oils do not produce as much carbon as the older oils, so ensure the silencer brackets are tight to prevent the system moving.

You can obtain a FB manual which fully explains the Light Cruiser from the FBOC Librarian.

Sandy Ross

FB vincent

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