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Posting Pictures - A 'how to' guide

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Posting Pictures - A 'how to' guide

Post  fulmar88 on Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:46 am

Chaps, We all have problems posting pictures on here, and it is not easy to explain to new forum members the best way. Plus, old methods such as using tinypic seem to no longer work. Having figured out a really easy way to post individual pictures (not multiple copies of the same ones) I thought I would post a simple 'How to'.

Step 1: Click on the icon in the menu bar above. It is circled in the picture below (if you hover over it is called 'Host an image'). Note: This menu bar is only visible when you are composing a new topic or replying to a current topic:

Step 2: Drag your photo(s) / picture(s) file from its location on your pc into the box that appears (shown below)

Step 3: Click the 'send all' button circled in the pic below (whether you have dragged one or more images to the box)

Step 4: Click the 'message board' icon circled in the pic below for each of the images you have previously dragged into the box. You may have to scroll down to see them all.

Step 5: Click in the body of your posting and the 'host an image' box will disappear.

You can separate your pictures by going to the end of each line and pressing return. You can add text between pictures in the same way. Make sure when you have finished that each image line begins and ends with [url=../url]

Like this:


Hopefully using this method will 1. Make it easy for everyone, and 2. prevent multiple images, and 3. Prevent images diasppearing after a few weeks/months.


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