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Cruiser 39 exhaust repairs in Australia, carby, etc etc.

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Cruiser 39 exhaust repairs in Australia, carby, etc etc.

Post  Graham M on Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:34 am

Hi all again,

After attempting to sort out my wiring and other odd jobs I have discovered that my carburettor is the wrong model for my bike as the tickler is on the inside closest to the motor when fitted and doesn't line up with the hole on the covers.
It also has an incorrect main jet fitted and who knows what needle is fitted as I think the previous owner fitted the original 2 cable cable and slide to another body and never had it running.

I think I have sourced another body from Villiers Parts and have had a prompt reply unlike the other place who didn't answer emails, had an incorrect fax number and only replied when I sent them a letter, so it looks like this problem will be solved.

Now to the exhaust, as I know i won't be able to source an aluminium expansion chamber and mine has a couple of small holes in it and none of the local aluminium welders will touch it due to the age and composition of the alloy my question is, what can be used to fill the holes successfully?

Last question is a 6 volt positive earth voltage regulator, as the local classic dealer wants the equivalent of 125 for one and they are a lot cheaper on UK eBay with postage, what one would you use?

Sorry to inundate you with questions but there is virtually no FB information available over here .

Thanks for an interesting forum with plant of information.

Graham M

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Cruiser 39

Post  Maurice Chivers on Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:55 am

I had my dynamo reworked by The Magneto Guys. They recommended a regulator from A.O.Services Tel 01953 884681, e mail
From memory I think it cost 45.

Maurice Chivers

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