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Useful gadget

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Useful gadget

Post  Mollbhan on Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:50 pm

As a retired fencing contractor I frequently used an electric fence voltmeter for testing electric stock fences which run at 6-7000 volts (yes even from a 12v battery). I found the same gadget very useful for testing HT leads at the spark plug, for example my old 1939 Plover reads 4000+ at the plug lead whereas my 1959 Plover which is almost impossible to start reads barely 1000 yet still sparks at the plug. These meters are not terribly expensive and could be useful to bike fettlers.

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Post  Bigjim on Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:54 pm

Many moons ago, whilst training at BL in Oxford, we were shown a gadget that tested spark plugs and their ignition systems. As the compression goes up, the plug requires a higher voltage to create a spark. Just holding th eplug against the head and watching the spark jump, is no indication it sparks under load.
Poor HT/ ignition wiring/magneto can give a false impression, with the plug out of the head. Villiers services can re magnetise an old tired flywheel. New coils can also be supplied.

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