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Falcon 74 /Stafford Show

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Falcon 74 /Stafford Show

Post on Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:36 pm

I recently acquired an oily rag FB Falcon 74 with a good engine. Cosmetically it is very tired although all the tin ware, tank etc are in good fettle but in need of restoration. I live at the mouth of the River Tyne and my friend took it down to Stafford to sell it [he was in the main hall not far from the FB stand] but I decided to buy it and he had to bring it back and he only lives 200 yards away. Anyway the purpose of this post is that I cannot make up my mind whether to restore it or make into a trials type bike which would be used in the Beamish Trial. The FB stand at Stafford were really helpful and friendly and I really like the bike on the stand which had an 8E engine and a front exhaust pipe which exits to the left and then snakes under the frame. Do I make a replica ? and if I did where would I such an exhaust pipe.[img]front exhaust pipe which exits to the left and then snakes under the frame

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FB Falcon

Post  piston 197 on Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:57 pm

I saw the bike you bought at Stafford, it was not far from the FB stand in the main hall, the seller told me he was taking it home to sell it to a friend.
The bike you refer to on the club stand shares some components with yours, namely engine, forks and wheel hubs, but pretty much everything else is different, the cross under exhaust can only be fitted with a 4 speed gearbox, and your bike is a 3 speed, even if you fitted a 4 speed gearbox, I am still not sure it would fit as your frame is totally different. The exhausts were/are? available from Armours exhausts, tell them it is for a Falcon 76 trials.
Personally as your bike is so present and correct I would leave well alone, and find a less original/ less complete machine to alter to your needs, as you will need different wheel rims, tyres , guards, seat, exhaust etc and will be throwing a lot of parts away, to make a trail type machine for the Beamish.
If you look at the bike in my avatar you can see what can be created from a stock machine, in this case a Fulmar, but there was very little of the original bike there in the first place before this was created ( not by me !)
piston 197

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Stafford bike

Post  kerabo on Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:05 am

I also had my eye on that bike. I was temped to purchase it all weekend but when I went back one more time to make an offer it was sold.
Maybe just as well as my sheds are full.
From memory it was a pretty complete bike and as John says a shame not to keep it complete.

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Re: Falcon 74 /Stafford Show

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