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Villiers Servises Carb reurb

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Villiers Servises Carb reurb

Post  Phil Frost on Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:03 pm

I have a FB Falcon 74 that I acquired last year. The idea was to use it as a winter bike while I did some much needed work on my A10. The bike was rough but mechanical pretty good. New tyres and tubes fitted, a quiet second hand silencer, the very pretty chrome one fitted when I bought the bike was horrifically noisy. Iíve used the bike several times over the winter and found it fun but lacking power at times. I traced the fault down to the carb. There were some poor threads that needed helicoiling so instead of refurbishing the carb myself I gave it to Villiers Services. The carb came back with within a week. All the old removed parts were in a separate bag. I also got a report of all the faults.
Last weekend was the first time out after re fitting the carb. Itís a different bike, responsive powerful (as powerful as an 8E can be) and quieter, that new slide certainly cured the rattle. 75 miles on Sunday, some of those in the Peak district and the bike performed very well even though I had to go down to first for a couple of the hills. I would definitely recommend VS for carb refurbishing.

Phil Frost

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