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I need help identifying Villiers motor

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I need help identifying Villiers motor

Post  wheelman on Mon Feb 27, 2017 3:05 pm

I would appreciate some help identifying a Villiers engine to order engine parts, exhaust pipe and gaskets.

The engine has a four speed transmission, both shifter and kick start share the same shaft. Just behind the gear indicator is stamped Vran 830.
It had a two screw ID plate, which is missing.
On the front of the cases it is stamped;

378D 9151
D10276 D10275
The piston is approx.57-58mm and has C7337 stamped in the center.
I'm hoping someone can ID these numbers so that I know what I have and can start working to get it on the road.


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Post  kerabo on Mon Feb 27, 2017 3:45 pm

I don't have anything with that number although someone may have but I am sure if you give that to Villiers Services they would know.


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Post  piston 197 on Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:48 pm

The VRAN number suggests to me it is an Albion wide ratio trials gearbox as was fitted to the 7E engine ( this would have a 59mm piston)

However the 378D engine number baffles me as this is a very late number and would not be a 7E
the pre 9E type engines had their number stamped across the front engine mount top surface , is this where the number is coming from ?

I will send you a p.m with my Email address if you send me some pictures I will be able to i.d. it

John H
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Re: I need help identifying Villiers motor

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