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1935 Cruiser 39 questions

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1935 Cruiser 39 questions

Post  JNS on Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:34 am

Last year I bought a very tidy 1935 Cruiser 39 from an FBOC member. I think he in turn bought it from another club member. The registration is DAS 738. Does anyone here recognise the bike and is able to provide more of its history?

The only significant problem with the bike is the fact that the Miller dynamo does not charge. It's a DM3G, but its the type with the contact breaker points mounted on the end of the armature. I've had the dynamo converted from 3-brush to 2-brush, and replaced the field coils but it still doesn't generate any useful output (I've done lots of tests following the guidance of dynamo experts such as Paul Dunn and Dave Lindsley). I think the armature is faulty but the problem is that new replacements don't exist. The 'short' Miller armature is readily available but not the one with the extended shaft for mounting the C/B cam.

Does anyone here have a DM3G (with points) that they're willing to sell, or even have a spare armature?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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