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Bike identification

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Bike identification

Post  paulfb96 on Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:52 pm

I just bought what I believe is a Francis Barnett from Newark autojumble and need help identifying it.
The frame number on the headstock is B25338. Engine is a Villiers and stamped 594 8317. I also have a spare engine stamped Villiers V II C number L9774.
All I have is a frame, engine, gearbox (Albion) and a fuel tank. So once identified ill be looking for the rest of it.
Cheers Paul.

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Post  piston 197 on Sun Jan 29, 2017 2:47 pm

The Prefix "B" was used twice on FB frames
Firstly on the 1932 models, built like a bridge frame, separate albion gearbox
Secondly on the Plover 86 with the AMC engine in 1960, ( badge engineered James L15A flying Cadet)

The V11C ( 7C) engine was a 150cc ( 147 actually) and pre dates the frame, it was fitted in 1923/25 into the models 1,2,3 and 4

The correct engine of 150cc ( 147 actually ) for a 1932 frame would be pre-fixed VIIIC ( 8C) and the bike would have been a Merlin23 or Kestrel 26 depending on spec., or it could have been fitted with a XIIC ( 12C) and been a Lapwing Model 25

Your 594 pre fixed engine I have no records of, but the sequence of numbers suggest to me it will be a post 1946 Villiers 9D 125cc ( if vertical cylinder and in unit gearbox?) or a Junior De-luxe 98cc engine, ( flat cylinder with exhaust below)

piston 197

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