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Falcon questions

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Falcon questions

Post  S.C_07 on Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:49 pm

I have a few questions to ask so i may go on a bit 😂
I have a 1959 falcon with a 10E engine, my first issue is i have alot of fuel ( i think the terminology might be backflow ) coming from the air filter side of the carb even if the engines not running but fuel tap is on , can anyone suggest how to solve this .

My second issue is the bike wont idle , it runs for about 10/20 seconds with alot of throttle but the just cuts out by itself . The header gasket is in poor condition , could this cause the poor idle , if not can anyone suggest wat wont let it idle

3rd problem , for the short amount of time the bike was running i held the clutch lever in fully , even then the chain sprocket still spins very quickly , any ideas what may be wrong with the clutch and how to solve it

And finallly what sort of chain do i need for a 1959 falcon 10e , brand and size , if possible could someone attach a web link woth the chain i need , if not no worries .

That was alot but any advise would be great thanks
Scott 😊


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Falcon 10E

Post  keith livingstone on Thu Dec 01, 2016 12:38 am

Good to see a you're enthusiasm for old bikes and well done you for tackling your Falcon.

I'm pretty sure the first 2 problems are due to the float /needle in the carburrettor not
checking the flow of petrol into the carb. Is there a needle valve attached to the float? Check if the float is punctured?

I wouldn't worry to much about the sprocket turning when clutch in / neutral. It's probably just being dragged around by the oil in the gearbox. Once fitted built up and the chain is fixed there will be nothing to worry about. Villiers Services are good for all Villiers spares and for the correct chain. Tel. 01384 265797.

All the best with your Falcon I hope you don't have to wait too long for your licence and get it on the road. It'll be good fun My Falcon 67 is rough but great fun
keith livingstone

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Re: Falcon questions

Post  S.C_07 on Thu Dec 01, 2016 6:00 pm

Thank ypu so much thats clarifyied everything , actually there is a puncture in the float and i hoped patching it up would fix this 😂 Pretty stupid of me . Thats definately put my mind at ease i really wasnt looking forward to digging through the clutch to fix the issue , so thank you very much .

Sadly the falcon being a 200 i have to wait a couple of years yill i can get a 200 license , although my raod is pretty quiet so i may end up running up and down there once ir twice 😂
Thank you very much


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Re: Falcon questions

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