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Falcon 74, Oh Joy!

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Falcon 74, Oh Joy!

Post  Phil Frost on Fri Nov 11, 2016 8:12 am

When I bought my Falcon 74 it had a very noisy exhaust, now it has the correct silencing system and is quiet. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which way you look at it, there is an audible rattle which couldnít be heard over the din the old exhaust system made. It sounds like a little end.
Disappointing considering the bike was bought to use over the winter, which is now upon us. I am more than capable of fitting a new small end or even a big end if it where necessary, what I havenít got is time. Iím doing a lot of jobs on one of my other bikes over the winter and itís up on the ramp with its rear wheel, mudguard and suspension removed.
Last night while pondering the issue I decided to try something. Many years ago I had a bantam that made strange noises, this eventually turned out to be the slide in the carb. I wonder if my Barnett rattle could be the same. Two strokes do blow back through the carb more than four strokes due to the nature of their operation (witchcraft), hence the development of the reed valve.
Took the filter off and fired it up. Touch the carb slide and the rattle stopped, remove finger and it starts, did this several times at different revs just to be certain. Oh joy!
Has anyone had any experience of Villiers Services carb overhauls? The fuel inlet banjo thread looks a bit iffy due to corrosion (the bike had been stood for many years before the previous owner re commissioned it) and VS helicoil the thread for £5. Itís a Villiers S25 carb.

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