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Monet Goyon

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Monet Goyon

Post  yosemite on Sun Jul 03, 2016 11:51 am

This is not a question about a Francis Barnett or a James, but it may be of some interest here the bike in question is a french motorcycle, a Monet Goyon  s6vs, powered by a Villiers 10d built under licence and that is about all I can positively state
A quick inspection of the engine shows it needs rebuilt completely, (big end play, broken rings) and a couple of broken studs on the barrel base , all fairly par for the course
The real puzzle to me is the flywheel magneto/ generator unit, this is marked as SAFI and 12 volt , the rotor  and back plate is quite a bit smaller than the one on my James Cadet, meaning that the cover which I will be looking for will have nowhere to clip to. Is this SAFI unit an aftermarket one or is it a french peculiarity?  If it is aftermarket does it need an adapter plate for the cover I have attached a couple of photos....I hope they work
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doing it differently

Post  piston 197 on Sun Jul 03, 2016 12:39 pm

Yes Villiers engines were built under licence in France, whereas other European countries just bought the complete unit from Villiers UK, so the land that gave us the Citroen 2CV , and the Renault 4 could not resist tinkering, hence the French built machines invariably have different magnetos, carburettors and often a mix of imperial and metric threads.
If it was mine I would bin the Froggy engine and fit a UK Villiers 10D ( or 30c,or 8E), now we are brexiting and the pound is not worth as many Euros, it may be the cheaper option than buying parts from France ?
piston 197

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