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Falcon 67 rear suspension rubber bump stop

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Falcon 67 rear suspension rubber bump stop

Post  marcusrm on Thu Apr 21, 2016 8:30 am

On my recently purchased Falcon 67 I had a problem with the centre stand, in that when the bike was on the stand the rear wheel was still firmly touching the ground. I filled in dents on the stand so that it stopped in a more upright position, but this made little difference. I then noticed that there is a rubber bump stop which would limit how far the rear shocks could extend. The bump stop was badly worn and perished. Below are links to some pictures. One is a view taken from the right hand side of the bike looking at the cross piece on the swing arm and the frame tube containing the swing arm pivot. You will see that welded to the down tube is a channel that goes under the swing arm cross piece, the end of which in the photo, can be seen just protruding under the cross piece. The bump stop fits in this channel. The other photos are of the perished bump stop, you can see where the swing arm cross piece has crushed the rubber.

My question is... Does anyone know what shape the rubber should be?  I doubt if a replacement is available.
There is mention in the spares list of a "Rubber Buffer" part no 5451, but there is no image, so I can't be sure what it refers to.

In the absence of any information I will make a replacement that is a simple trapezium shape, creating a wedge shaped block.

Thanks guys.



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Re: Falcon 67 rear suspension rubber bump stop

Post  Jack Clegg on Thu Apr 21, 2016 9:47 am

Hi Marcus,

The bump stop shape is as you describe. The rough shape of the worn original is a good guide. Mine was pretty shagged, but I put a piece of rubber under the old one to space it up a bit. I also found that the two spacers which the stand pivots on were worn too, which can affect the stand height as well. TTFN Jack
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rubber buffer

Post  piston 197 on Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:04 am

Marcus, from memory, the remains of your bump stop seems to mirror the original, but yours is severely worn and the rubber seems to have lost it's integrity, there are many bump stops out there from the automotive and electric motor industry, mostly cast onto a steel base, that could be cut and modified to the shape you need, just put bump stop into Ebay search and there will be hundreds
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Re: Falcon 67 rear suspension rubber bump stop

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