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Cruiser 89 exhaust pipes

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Cruiser 89 exhaust pipes

Post  Druid on Wed Jan 13, 2016 12:04 am

I have been looking at new Villiers 2T exhaust pipes on the market and have found that Armours produce "2T pipes" (did bike manufacturers use "standard" pipes supplied by Villiers) and Villiers Services "Cruiser 89" pipes. If anyone has experience of using these pipes on a Cruiser 89 I would appreciate any feedback, particularly regarding standard of fit.
Regards Dave.


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Cruiser 89 Exhaust pipes

Post  peter@dunfordconstruction on Wed Jan 13, 2016 7:29 pm

Dear Druid,
Some 15/16 months ago I sent a good set of 2t pipes of of my 1963 F/B Cruiser 89 (which I have had since 1976 and is very original ) to Villiers Services so Steve Gorringe could have a stock made so they would be available for the club. After many months and many chase calls a pair turned up for my other 2t cruiser that I have rebuilt. Needless to say they were not correct and no sign of my original pipes either. I sent the pipes back and since thenI have chased & chased To date I still have not received a credit for the wrong pipes nor my originals back nor the new replacement pair. I have had the occasional " my pipe man is coming to see me" but still no pipes. I have phoned & E-mailed to many times to remember. Draw your own conclusions!

Armour are 12miles away from where I live they have 2t pipes which are not exactly the ones you need but if you have someone who can bend them slightly to shape then they would probably do.

These pipes are not cheap from either source! I am totally at a loss as how to get the pipes sorted out so I can get my bikes back on the road

You can understand my total frustration as I have not been able to use either bike for all those months

I am very dissappointed With Villiers Services they just do not seem to care a jot!particularly as I have brought 5 no very costly reconditioned engines from them along with many many other spares over the last 5 years!

Peter Crying or Very sad


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exhaust pipes

Post  piston 197 on Wed Jan 13, 2016 9:01 pm

The different manufacturers machines dictate different bend of front down pipes as the height the engine sits in various frames ( FB, James, Cotton, Greeves etc.) and the position of the footrest and brake pedal necessitates these differences, also where the bracket is positioned on the silencer varies from one make to another.
Whereas various manufacturers have made generic 2T pipes it is not " one size fits all" hence why if buying from a supplier such as Armours it is best to get them un-plated and fitted to the bike, tweaked if necessary and then plated after ?

piston 197

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Re: Cruiser 89 exhaust pipes

Post  Druid on Thu Jan 14, 2016 5:00 pm

Dear Peter
I appreciate your prompt reply to my post. Sorry to hear about your problems with VS, I was rather surprised thatt the pipes did'nt fit considering that they advertise that their new 80 pair, "Cruiser 89" pipes are copies of original samples. At least by sharing your experience on the forum you have made us all aware of possible poor quality control issue with these components. Hopefully this message will propagate to Brierly Hill and help hasten a resolution to your problems. We would struggle to source new/used parts without VS but sometimes they are very slow to resolve issues such as yours and their proactive feedback, or lack of it, really frustrating.
I am going to get a quote for stainless pipes from Alldens exhausts so will see what benefit may be gained from having several pairs made.

My thanks also to John for his learned input to the pipe question. If we can get stainless pipes they can be tweaked without damage to plating! I have had Norton stainless fpipes from Armours in the past so perhaps they could quote for a batch of stainless pipes to their existing chrome 2T pattern?

Regards to you both


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Re: Cruiser 89 exhaust pipes

Post  FB_Devil on Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:24 pm

Nigel at NRP Exhausts near Newark has just done a great job producing a stainless exhaust for my James commando. Nice chap and reasonable price. Recommended. Have 3 sets of 2t exhausts and all are different!


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2T pipes

Post  Druid on Sun Jan 17, 2016 10:40 pm

Many thanks FB Devil for your recommendation. I will give NRP a call.


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Re: Cruiser 89 exhaust pipes

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