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Flooding Carb, may help others ( S.25 )

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Flooding Carb, may help others ( S.25 )

Post  A10 JWO on Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:19 pm

My carb starting flooding and unfortunately it was not dirt in the fuel needle. I found pitting on the needle and probably the brass insert is the same or just plain worn. I have ordered a new insert and needle which is somewhere in the Bank Holiday post. I canvassed a few people re getting the old insert out as I was concerned about causing any further damage.
I cut a thread in the insert, a size 5/32 Wells Brothers tap, submerged the carb in boiling water for several minutes and tried to pull it out with an inserted screw, WOULD NOT MOVE. Mad

Today I took the carb to a Vintage Rolls Royce restorer in Eastwood, Essex (what a nice bunch of lads )
After a bit of huffing and puffing, the boss suggested a slide hammer. One held the carb and the other slid the tool and hey presto it came out intact. I thought this may help others in the future.
I now know Amals do not do a direct replacement due to the geography of the carb, however I happen to have a brand new 22mm Jetex Lambretta 200 cc carb. It only fits without fouling and a Lambretta Ramair filter will also fit with any modification to the bike. I know the purists will tell me off for this information on this forum, but one day it may help someone out.
Have a nice bank holiday.


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Re: Flooding Carb, may help others ( S.25 )

Post  nexsuperne on Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:34 am

This is interesting reading. The cruiser 71 my neighbour has is doing something very similar. I think from reading this that he has two problems.

The first is the pilot jet isn't set correctly, so not letting enough fuel in to start.

The second could quite easily be the insert being worn, as the previous person to work on it broke the main needle, and the float definitely stops the fuel, but it still drops all over the floor.
The replacement needle was set at 1.9", then if memory serves the 2 other screws were set at 1.5 and 1.25 turns back from fully home.

I believe it was probably a fluke that after the sparks were confirmed alive and well that the throttle was in just the right position to get enough, but not too much fuel in to start, as it petered out after a while and then when I pulled the plug, it was wet (still sparking but too much fuel), but the replacement plug was bone dry.

I will give John (the cruiser's owner) your details, hopefully between you there can be another bike back on the road. Very Happy



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