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FB Merlin total beginners questions.

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FB Merlin total beginners questions.

Post  NDHAERO on Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:09 pm


I am totally new to this, literally, only got my Merlin this morning! I've never ridden a bike before, and the bike didn't come with any manual. Looking into things, I believe it is a Model 52 (no battery, so assume direct lighting?). It appears to be original, and in good order. Frame is PPLxxxxx, and Engine is EG18xxxxx

So, onto my questions - Is there a general manual for the Merlin? I have found the spares catalogue, but can't seem to find a manual with a GA drawing and parts identification, and general running specs?

Leading on from the above, what fuel is recommended? I assume it being a 1950's bike it is pre-unleaded, so what modern fuel is recommend? Same with oil?

One part missing is the contents of the tool box. I intend to use this as a commuter bike, so would be interested in knowing what tools should be carried, and I guess from other members, what are the regular issues with Merlins?

Being a 1950 bike it is in the days of hand signals, I would prefer to use indicators, is there an easy mod I can do to add some? Is there any other common modernisations people carry out?

Finally, and most importantly, how do I start it? Is it just a matter of putting it in neutral and kick starting?

Many, many thanks in advance. I know there is a lot here, but it is my first day, so please bear with me.



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Post  andy-s on Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:18 pm

Hi Nick,
Welcome to the forum and to bikes .I Dont know much about your Merlin but good luck with it. If you intend using it as a commuter i think you will need to put as many tools as possible in the tool box! only joking. There are differing points of view on fuel/oil mixtures but 33:1 works ok for me, unleaded is ok to run on but can corrode the tank. Good luck Andy

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Re: FB Merlin total beginners questions.

Post  MrTweedy on Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:04 pm

Hello Nick.

I got a 1949 Merlin this last year. I knew next to nothing about it then and I'm learning all the time. The great thing is, it's a simple engine to work on so pretty easy to learn how it all works. PM me if you have any questions but the folks on the forum will pretty much help you with most things.
Enjoy your bike!



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Re: FB Merlin total beginners questions.

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