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francis Barnett 1954 ISDT bikes

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francis Barnett 1954 ISDT bikes

Post  piston 197 on Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:29 pm

After a battle with DVLA i have now succeeded in registering my ISDT bike back on it's original number,this now means all 3 ISDT bikes MHP 469,470 and 471 are all extant and registered with DVLA.
Strangely enough even being the club's DVLA approved dating officer i cannot do my own dating,i had to get Mike Powell from the tiger cub register to do the paperwork for me,! How absurd is that?,i have also done one in return for him on a Triumph cub ,as he was in the same predicament.
With the forthcoming closure of local offices there is still no announcement as what will have to be done to register or retain numbers on bikes in the future,some offices are ceasing to do retentions as early as this month.There is talk of the post office being allowed to look at submissions of original documents and certified copies taken,but that is only hearsay at the moment,so if you have something to register ,best to get it done now ,or wait for the dust to settle and a system to develop by default?
John H
piston 197

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Retaining original registration

Post  falcone on Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:31 pm

Dear John
Thanks for the advice about getting a move on with retaining original reg numbers. I am currently awaiting a reply from Dorset CC which I hope will result in a copy of the original logbook of my 1953 Falcon. If successful, then no doubt I will be in touch to obtain the necessary authentication! Can you tell me how the procedure works? I am not (yet) a member of the FBOC, does this affect the cost? Does the bike have to be inspected by you or by the local vehicle licensing office?

Thanks and kind regards



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